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Are YOU a Geek Like Me?

Heya folkies,

I thought I'd let you #FoxCubs know a bit more about what I get up to outside of music life. I have an interest in science and physics in particular - GEEK ALERT!!! I used to be a physics teacher, there you go, little known Ryan Fox fact for you there! But it wasn't for me, too many naughty kids, a proper rabble. But doing the teaching really got me interested in science again. On such a note, did any of you see the SpaceX launch yesterday? That was sooo cool wasn't it??? When the launchers came back down at the same time, amazing feat of engineering that. I actually know one of the guys who worked on that too, jolly good chap who's now mighty proud of his and his team's work. Well done all of them, I say.

If you didn't see the launch, here is the footage:

I watched it live here and it was brilliant. I am always thinking of ways to combine my passions for science outreach and music. I wrote a song recently called I Can't Make My Mind Up. It's about Young's Double Slit experiment and wave-particle duality. If you know what that is I'm impressed! If not, just search for it online. I wanted to try and explain it in simple terms, through the medium of song! If you're interested, here are the lyrics: Hi, I’m Eddie the electron

I drift from town to town

Some people try to find me

But they can’t pin me down

They shoved me down a barrel

And shot me at a screen

Either slit my option

But I want to make a scene

I can’t make my mind up

Cos I’m really, really small

I can’t make my mind up

So I make no choice at all

It’s in my constitution

To take both routes at once

If you think it should be otherwise

You truly are a dunce

Why must I be like this?

I suppose I should confess

The reason’s rather simple

It’s how life is, I guess


But if you really want to know

And want to pass, not fail

I’m delighted to unveil

That it all comes down to scale

But please don’t try to overthink

My extraordinary tale


What are your favourite science songs? Let me know below or email me on See you soon folkies,


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