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On a songwriter's mind this week #9

Heya folkies!

So a few updates this week to tell you. I've just released my second album The Crossroads - you can buy it here: I've also finished my collaboration with the very talented Lynz Crichton. We have written two songs together, one of which I sing on, Familiar Face. You can hear it here: The second song, Falling For It Twice features only Lynz on vocals - I will post it once Lynz has put it on her social media. We have entered that song into the 2017 UK Songwriting Contest - fingers crossed! Meanwhile I'm off the Ashford this evening for the first read-through of my debut musical The Manors. I've written the music and the lyrics plus the book for it, so looking forward to fleshing things out with the musical director and others involved later on. Exciting times! Oh and in case you missed it, here's a very nice review of The Crossroads album by Music Lover News, an indie music blogger from Canada: Poetry for the ears - I can get used to being called that! Take care for now,


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