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New song collaborations update

Heya folkies!

A quick update for you on my current song collaborations.

1) I'm working with my friend David from Texas on a rock song called Molly's On A Mission. It's about colonising Mars. David wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. I sent him the lyrics first and he wrote the music around those. You can generally do either but I always prefer to start with lyrics so that's what we did. It has a dark rock feel about it and I will be singing the song, to David's backing on electric guitar. David also added drums to the track. We hope to have it mastered in the next couple of weeks. 2) Working on two songs with Lynz from Manchester. Lynz has been called the female Ed Sheeran! The two songs we are working on are Falling For It Twice and Familiar Face. Falling For It Twice is about being cheated on multiple times and how you deal with that. I wrote the lyrics and Lynz wrote the music. Lynz will be singing the vocal on that one, and will also play guitar/backing track. The second song, Familiar Face, is the story of two lovers who randomly bump into each other in Paris one winter afternoon and begin to reminisce over what went wrong. Maybe they can end up together again? We are performing that song as as duet, each singing the part of the two former lovers. It's sounding really great! Lynz has done the backing track for that song too. 3) A new collab just started with Cristi from Canada who I met through an online songwriters song review group. The song is called Bleed and deals with the topic of domestic abuse. We have co-written the lyrics (Cristi has written a bit more than me) and I have written the music. I just need to come up with a good bridge now and the song will be finished. I will be recording the music to this song, hoping to add some drums and bass to it to give it a really rocky vibe. So that's my latest news on the songwriting front. Hope to get them all rolled out in the next few weeks so watch this space!


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