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New songs update

Heya folkies!

I've released three new songs in the last couple of weeks. Here's a bit of inside info on each of them: Like A Splinter This song deals with the issue of being rejected in a relationship. I tried to think of a good metaphor for how it feels when you get dumped in a deep, committed relationship. Like a splinter was what I came up with - it conveys the pain rather well I felt. The opening guitar riff takes inspiration from some Dolly Parton I have been listening to recently. It's more acoustic rock than folk but still tells a good story as I hope you've come to expect from me. The song is one of my most catchy yet, I hope you find it the same. Workin' Up a Sweat

This song is a nod to Bruce Springsteen in its spirit. I wanted to pay tribute to the brave men serving in our armed forces, so I wrote a nice story around this. It's quite a steamy one at that - "me and you we're the best sex yet". I found the song fun to write and I can't wait to see how it goes down in front of a live audience. One for a rowdy open mic night in Camden I reckon.

Not In My Name

This is an anti-war protest song. I think the guitar has a good drone-like sound that really complements the subject matter. I wanted to try and paint a picture of war and its consequences, rather than just saying that I don't agree with it in general. Show don't tell, as they say. I think this would go down well with the good folk at Sharp's Folk Club in Camden, they like a good folk song.

That's all for now. I'll have news of a new album in the offing coming soon where you can hear all these songs. In the meantime you can hear them on my Soundcloud page:

Happy listening! Ryan

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