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New songwriting collaboration update

Hey folkies!

A quick update on how things are going with my new collaboration with Lynz, an indie folk singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK. We are working on two songs together at the moment. One is called Familiar Face and is a nostalgic story of two former lovers set in Paris. We are going to do it as a duet which was Lynz’s suggestion. I’ve written most of that song. The second is called Falling For It Twice, for which I wrote the lyrics and Lynz has written the music. It’s about someone who gets cheated on multiple times – can she stop history repeating itself or not? You’ll have to listen to the final song to find out I guess! I’ve missed writing with other people as it brings a whole new perspective to my songwriting. It can sometimes be a burden to come up with all the ideas, both musically and lyrically, for a song. Working with another writer (and a great one at that!) takes the pressure off and adds an element of freshness to the whole process. I’m actually looking for more songwriting collaborations now off the back of this, so if you are interested in working with me please get in touch. That’s all for now – both new songs should be done in the next couple of weeks with a bit of luck. Watch this space! Ryan

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