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On a songwriter's mind this week #8

Hi folks,

I've just finished writing another song, The Ballad of King Ramu and Queen Beauticia. It's a historic fiction song about the king of an ancient African kingdom and his lust for women, that culminates with his marriage to the beautiful Queen Beauticia from a nearby country. I have put a classic folk chord progression behind the lyrics, and introduced some simple plucking around the strumming of the guitar to augment the classic folk feeling. The song will be made available for streaming soon on my sound cloud site

I've started work on my second musical, Rock n Roll Hero. It is about an ageing swing singer who, in 1959 and amongst the advent of rock n roll coming into the UK from the US, has to reinvent himself for the new age or face personal and career ruin. I've written one lyric so far, the first song. Song #1 is always the trickiest as it sets the tone for the whole musical. If you don't get it right then it can make or break the whole project. Thankfully I know what I am doing, having already written a successful song #1 for my first musical, The Manors.

I've nearly finished The Manors musical now, I had a little delay due to my piano being out of action, but now I have it back so I can finish off the music for the last few songs. I will be looking to record some demos of all the songs to take them to a local theatre group to see if they can perform the musical. Do YOU know anyone who might be interested in putting on an exciting new musical written by an emerging talent (that's me!). If so please get in touch with me at or reply via Facebook below.

So long til the next bout folkies!


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