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On A Songwriter's Mind This Week #5

Putting the finishing touches on a sentimental classic love song this week, When You Want Love. I’ve put a bit more effort into the guitar parts of this one, been playing around with some sound effects in Garageband to give an extra edge to the second six-string. I’ve been influenced a lot by 90s British band Cast on this song. I really like how John Power and co achieved those soaring guitar solos, really encapsulates a sadness which, for the right song, is something I can apply to my own creations. I’ve listened to many different artists and bands for inspiration in recent months but it’s always nice to give a nod to a band who I first got into thanks to my brother back as a teenager. The 90s era was a real treasure trove for fine melodies in the charts, it was an optimistic though often melancholy time and that was reflected in the tunes. Cast were certainly one of the best at that in particular.

My first musical The Manors is coming along, written nearly all the lyrics now, just finding the right music to fit the mood and accentuate the story now. It would actually work as a concept album too, with four or five different singers. However my preference is to get it performed on the stage. It was always a distant ambition of mine growing up to write musicals but it’s only in the last year that I’ve developed the ability to do it. Can’t wait to get it out there!

The excellent Nashville TV series finished last week. I’ve really enjoyed the songs again in this series, superbly written and a good variety within (mainly) the country genre. My favourite song from the whole series so far has been The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts, originally by Bonnie Bishop. It was performed in a key scene in one of the earlier shows. The way that song builds and builds around the lyric is pure brilliance. There are so many others to mention too (I must do a separate write-up to do them all justice), but a special mention goes to Boys N’ Buses for a welcome dose of cheesy goodness!

What are your favourite songs from Nashville? I’d love to know – why not leave a comment below?


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