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Things on a songwriter's mind this week #3

My first musical is coming along nicely. Got 7 songs done now, looks like another three to complete the project. There is always scope for some re-writing as this is part and parcel of my craft. But what I have so far I'm very pleased with. It's called The Manors, and deals with issues of sex, class, love and repressed feelings. Plus there might be the odd plot twist here and there. I've really enjoyed the writing process, it has stretched me both muscially and dramatically. The best part has been writing in genres that I've previously not considered, such as rock and punk. I hope to have it finished in the next month.

Great to see Mr Jeremy Corbyn's campaign coming along nicely for the Labour leadership. I try not to stray too far into the political realm as an artist, it's a different world but that shouldn't stop us all having an opinion. Corbyn seems to be the best chance we've got of getting rid of these uncaring, conceited austerity-mongers - a man of the people and I hope he can see things through and deliver.

Scott has just finished working on The Puppet Master single we recorded together, that'll be sent off for mastering this week so I hope to have a release date for that very soon. It sounds amazing, really captured the raw passion and meaning in the song. Thanks to Scott for all his hard work on that, I hope you'll like the final result.

That's all for this week, take care til the next time!


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