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Things on a songwriter's mind this week #2

So this week I managed to finish my song Forget About Tomorrow For Today. Posted it up on my Soundcloud webpage, free to download. I may perform it a little slower than I recorded, gonna see how that one works out. I'll be interested to hear feedback on that one so if you have an input let me know folks! Put a nice guitar solo in between the verses that I developed on each time, went for a 90s Cast-style on that, think it came off nicely.

Working on a bigger project at the moment, it's a concept album that might turn into a musical. Still writring the songs and story at the moment, it's quite fluid. All I'll say now is that it's about a middle class boy who falls in love with a working class girl. Did I mention there's a murder? Oh yeah, it's all going on in Oxfordshire.

I see the Bilderberg group are back, meeting up in Austria now. It's not good all this secrecy, what are they planning behind these closed doors and why don't they want us to know? Are these the real puppet masters?

I saw the Gore Vidal documentary this week - the United States of Amnesia. What a great, great man. I could listen to him all day long, such wisdom and truth. Admirable in how he stuck to his principles, a very moralsome man. He knew what was going on, how the world worked and who were the bad guys that needed holding to account. We can learn a lot from his work. It's inspired me to read one of his books. That's all for this week peeps!


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