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Things on a songwriter's mind this week

Plenty of things to write about. Putting together a story at the moment about the brutal welfare cuts and how they are penalising the most vulnerable. Meanwhile those bastard bankers are still getting away with daylight theft, cover ups and deceit to name a few of their hideous crimes. Finally got round to watching The Emperor's New Clothes and Citizenfour. I just got angrier and angier watching them, so much needs addressing.

Meanwhile I've got a melody for my new song Forget About Tomorrow For Today, just working out the guitar part for that. It's a sweet one, inspired by some WB Yeats poems I've been reading lately. I posted the words in the new Lyics section above, take a looksie for a sneak preview!

I'll be performing The North England Blues at Sharps Folk Club in Camden later this week, looking forward to the first public airing of that one. The tale of a miner whose life was destroyed thanks to Maggie Thatcher. It's gone down great online plus had some amazing feedback from my songwriting circle group too. Be great to see how it goes down in a live setting!

Take care,


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