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I've been listening to Donovan lately. He was compared to Bob Dylan back in his day, although I'd say this is unfair on both artists - they each do their own thing, and boy do they do it well! I love the idea behind Atlantis, it's of particular note in the present day what he did with the talking poet style, since there are many artists popping up doing the spoken word thing today. I like to think Donovan inspired one or two of those himself! Like the true greats of songwriting he mixes up the form of his songs, Maria Magenta being noteable here - indeed it could stand along as a poem in it's own right, such is the elegance of language and fine style. But Donavan can also write great music - Season Of The Witch and Sailing Homeward are fantastic compositions. Rock n Roll Soldier is one of his cleverest songs, it's great social commentary on the whole rock star idea and image. Universal Solder needs no introduction, it's such a lovely melody and the lyrics resonate to this day, particular this time of year. It's not his only brilliant protest song - Riki Tiki Tavi is right up there too I would argue. His versatliity is under-rated - this is exemplified in Catch The Wind, where the troubadour truly bares his soul. It's a beautiful sight. Donovan is a super songwriter - may the sun shine out from his music to not only this generation, but the next and beyond.

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