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(on The Puppet Master) "...kind of reminds me of that film when James Dean is asked what he's rebelling against, and he replies, "What have you got?" - Hermitage Folk FM radio show

(on The Puppet Masters single) "...the tune is simple and very catchy and the lyrics are a bit scary given the current global political situation. Therefore making it a great protest song." - Buddha Reviews (online music blog)

"From Kent here's Ryan Fox with a song about shadowy figures and media manipulation. Call it Ryan Fox News if you like!" - FolkCast radio show

(review of The Puppet Master and Other Folk Songs album) "The songs are well written and poetic in thought. Which is becoming somewhat of a lost art in today’s society. There are few songs anymore where you just want to close your eyes and listen to the words being sung because it tells a story in great detail. Poetry for your ears. Ryan Fox brings that poetic style and old-school song writing style to this album and it’s a breath of fresh air. He speaks slow and clearly which is extremely important for the style of music he sings. You can be as poetic as you want but if nobody can understand what you’re saying all they have to connect with are the instruments. When people can connect with what you say that’s when you establish that next level of relationship between musician and audience." - Music Lover News (online music blog)

Ryan's song about social injustice, For He Who Is Winning, Another Must Lose was featured on the Disabled People Against Cuts website:  

(review of The Crossroads album) “'The Crossroads' is the new album from Ryan Fox and it delivers one of the most amazing styles of mixing music with a poetic style. Every song on the album is descriptive and detailed in nature. It makes you feel like you’re in the song." - Music Lover News

(review of The Crossroads album) His plainspoken but deftly crafted lyrics shine above his everyman baritone vocals, weaving tails of faith, acrimony, love and life. While maybe not blessed with the strongest of voices (sometimes straining at times), his 11 songs (including a light blues number The Fiesta Blues with electric guitar) provide enough undulation to look beyond the voice and hear the stories as they press against the gentle accompaniment. Two songs that stand out are brisk opener Unshakeable Faith, an ode to a faithful and strong partner, and the title track The Crossroads, a battle song that you yearn for a set of war drums and Uilleann pipes to come crashing through at some point. Closing song The Busker also offers a poignant song about lost, but redemptive love and brings the song and album to a satisfactory conclusion. - New Noyes (indie music blogger)

(review of Tip of the Iceberg album) I feel like I got a lot of Johnny Cash vibes from this album. Which is awesome because he had a way of getting people to hang on to his every word. He captivated you. You felt like he was not only singing but singing to you. That’s how I felt listening to Tip Of The Iceberg. I would highly recommend this album for a good time. Especially if you’re having a bad day and need some music to cheer you up. This is the best album Ryan has done so far and his other albums are really good. For only £5 you can’t go wrong so pick it up RIGHT NOW! - Music Lover News, indie music blogger

Have been listening to your album The Crossroads and it's really moved me. Thanks for your honest performance. The track For Love Alone actually brought a tear(hate to admit that). - Twitter user comment

Loving the new album my friend! Just finishing my third listen now (currently listening to The Busker). Really great album as always, not quite sure how you manage to come up with all these songs, very inspiring! Currently i think my favourite track is Unshakeable Faith ( I don't normally like choosing track one as my favourite as it looks like i've just listened to that and nothing else!) Such a great track. Closely followed by For Love Alone though, that's a lovely little piano instrumental to close. Also a big fan of She Won't Say Where She's Goin', love the piano bits on that track, and also really like When You Got a Good One. But of course my favourite may change after a few more listens. - Twitter user comment

I've now had the time to listen to your whole album. Congrats on the release! I like your folky sound, and also how you mix it up quite a bit with topic matter, tone etc... to keep it interesting throughout... Cool that you have that nice piano number at the end that was quite different. My favourite (on first listening) was'Crossroads' for its sombre minor-key mood, the lyrics, and how the guitar sounded like early Dylan (but I've commented on that one before also. I think I gave it a listen when you released it as a single or in an earlier version). As a Norwegian, I also gotta like 'Ragnarok'! Great concept to include an eclectic song about mythology like that! - Twitter user comment

Just listened to your album 'On The Run'. Nice sound! I can tell you've put some good work into the recording and production, and that you care about lyrics! Also some songs with good humor! My personal favourites came towards the last half with 'Down At The Bottom' and 'Thump Donald Trump'!

I've just been listening to your songs on Spotify "Meet somebody tonight" is my favourite. It's a nice song with good lyrics. I had a good laugh at your lyrics for "Thump Donald Trump". - Twitter user comment

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