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A few links to stuff that has taken my interest and even inspired me with my songwriting. Feel free to comment and suggest things.

A vision of how humans might live in the near future, The Venus Project is the life work of Jacque Fresco. Making the best use of resources and technology available to us, The Venus Project provides us with much inspiration for how to live a better, more sustainable life moving into the 21st Century and beyond. Check out the Youtube video here.

Arguably the most revered academic on the planet, Chomsky has been writing about social justice and the corrupt nature of world governance (amongst much else) for decades. His seminal work "Manufacturing Consent" exposes how the Western mass media is anything but free - in fact serving only the needs of big government.

Widely regarded as the best songwriter of the 20th Century, Bob Dylan has been a great inspiration to me as I try to find my own voice as an artist. From folk to country to rock, Dylan has proven the master of reinvention, with every song a gem without exception. I'd love to spend just one hour in his company (but then who wouldn't?).

Joseph Heller's 1961 masterpiece about the craziness of existence, I first read this book in 2002. Suddenly I found meaning in the world, that someone else had experienced life the same as I. The classic anti-hero Yossarian is me - albeit different plot, different setting. A book for those who know in our hearts that we truly are the only sane ones: it's the rest of the world that's gone mad.

A blogger hailing from Yorkshire, England, Another Angry Voice is always on the social political ball, providing much stimulation and provoking healthy debate. A liberal lefty like myself, I find much truth in Thomas G. Clark's work. And there is plenty to get angry about - his recent blogs tackles issues such as the illusion of the so-called economic 'recovery', the evil Murdoch media empire and the fascist tendencies of the Daily Mail. You're alright by me mate.

Celebrity-turned activist Russell Brand has been inspirational in his relentless anti-corporate, anti-mainstream media and anti-establishment message. His work to stop the sale of the New Era housing estate was an admirable display of how one man's fame may be used for the good of the common people. I trust what Mr Brand is doing, he displays all the characterstics of a truly good-hearted man. I also admire the fact that he came from an underpriviliged background, made his fortune and now wants to give something back, and more than most. Good on you Russell.

Owen Jones is the author of the superb Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class. The book demonstrates how the general population is deceived by a twisted representation of who the working class of Briatin actually are, and how they behave. Jones brilliantly goes on to explain how this myth is perpetuated by a middle class media and broadcasting elite, amongst other antagonists. The best book I've read in quite a while. I can't wait to get my teeth into The Establishment. Jones also writes a great regular column for The Guardian newspaper.

Creator and star of TV's Family Guy, the show is still for me essential viewing. It's crude, in your face and excruciating at times, but it rides the edge of comedy in such trailblazing fashion that most contemporaries can only look on with envy. It is also really smart, much smarter than most people give them credit for. Also got into American Dad which took a bit more patience, but once I got it, I really got it and haven't looked back since. Roger the alien is the one of the funniest characters created by anyone ever. McFarlane is also a great advocate for gay rights.

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